You will find on our web shop and in Resishop  :

  • Epoxy systems: manual stratification resin (hand lay up), vacuum bagging, infusion, injection and fire resistant, foaming systems, gelcoats, glues and adhesives, mortars, …
  • Polyester systems: stratification resin, inclusion, gelcoat, topcoat, putty and coating, glues, mortars
  • Vinylester systems: stratification resin, anticorrosion, gelcoat, topcoat, coatings …
  • Polyurethane systems: fast cast resin, transparent systems, rigid or flexible foam, paints and varnishes …
  • Reinforcements and fillers: fiberglass (serge, tafta, multiaxial), carbon fiber (prepreg, multiaxial), Kevlar fiber, foam (PVC, PU, PET), natural reinforcements (linen, cork)
  • Modelling: Non drying plasticine (Plastiline)
  • Silicone: Poly-addition, poly-condensation for the production of reproduction moulds
  • JESMONITE®: Water based composite, synthetic plaster
  • Accessories and tools: modeling plasticine, unmoulding products, thinners, solvents, fillers, additives, pigments, individual protection, paint rolls, brushes …
  • Osmosis: Hotvac rapid drying for boat hulls : blankets, felt, double sided tape, oil
  • Painting systems: Varnish (single or two component), lacquers (single or two component), undercoats and primers

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