Surface treatment

On the other hand, FINRES SA is specialised in the application of special techniques based on resins and polymers such as epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyester …


Using, amongst others, RESIMAC ® products, any surface needing a specific resistance, can be treated;  Applications are varied and comprehend, amongst others, the protection of structures against chemical or atmospheric aggression, varied reparations, security coatings, food protection, abrasion protection, signalisation, sealing, antistatic coating, corrosion protection, high resistance anti slip coating, …

Our products and know-how give you the possibility to treat anticipatively or give a second life to your tanks, hoppers, pumps, factory floors, roofs, retention basins …

Amongst others, here a few examples of jobs done:

  • Repair of a retention basin for 98% sulfuric acid
  • Repair of a corroded floor due to leaking 33% hydrochloric acid
  • Anti-abrasion surfacing in a coke hopper
  • Installation of a cornice and flat roof sealing
  • Floor protection in a decreasing and scouring unit
  • Anticorrosion treatment of a heat interchange unit top plate

Our products enjoy an international recognition in their line of business.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information.


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