FINRES SA is specialised in the distribution and application of composite products for industrial applications.  

On the one hand, as official CHOCKFAST ® distributor for ITW Philadelphia Resins, since 1976 FINRES SA distributes and installs CHOCKFAST ® grouting resins.  


The use of CHOCKFAST ® grout guarantees, when used for grouting and sealing

  • A 100% contact between surfaces as there is no shrink during polymerization
  • A largely superior resistance to compression compared to standard grouting systems like concrete (5x superior to concrete)
  • A large capacity to put up with vibrations avoiding premature mechanical fatigue of machinery components
  • The possibility to resume work 48 hours after application, reducing dramatically the production stop time

CHOCKFAST ® can be poured in thicknesses going from 10 to 500 mm, between steel and concrete or steel and steel.  It can resist to direct temperatures up to 80°C and can be used under water.  Also, by applying special techniques, FINRES SA can even increase the already wide spectrum of applications.

Grouting of pumps, turbines, compressors, gearboxes, guiding rails, wear plates, roller chassis, crushers or any other machinery where turning forces in action are important, pushing classical products like concrete past their limits, CHOCKFAST ® presents itself as a rapid, experienced, durable and economical solution.


CHOCKFAST ® is recognised by a wide number of international certification offices like Lloyds or Veritas

A few references: Arcelor Mittal, Total, Jan de Nul, Sidmar, Electrabel, Lhoïst, Holcim


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