Sea lock

Sea lock


For the construction of the worldwide largest unique sea lock (500 m or 5 football fields long, 68 m or a motorway with 19 carriage ways wide and 18 m or a 6 story high building) on the left bank of the Schelde near Antwerp, CHOCKFAST ® was selected for it’s high resistance to compression and elasticity, longevity and resistance to seawater.

The objective was to place a layer between the metal rail support beams and concrete in order to capture vibrations and the enormous compressive forces endured when the 200 ton lock door slides over the rails.

Ecluse 2

For the account of THV Waaslandsluis NV, FINRES NV was asked to deliver and install the CHOCKFAST ®.  On this project, 7.500 L of Chockfast Red SG were poured in several phases over more than 500 m.

Currently, the building of the sea lock is entering its final phase with the installing of lock doors and bridges, the building of control towers and surrounds.  The lock should be operational by the spring of 2016.


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